Level 1: Law of Attraction Foundation Session

In this session we prime your conscious and subconscious mind to start attracting the things you want in your life. This session is the foundation to all other sessions. This session is highly beneficial to new and experienced conscious law of attraction practitioners.

  • Closely look at your situation and identify where changes need to take place
  • Help you make a clear image about your future and make it real under hypnosis
  • Remove blockages or resistance in your mind by the use of hypnotherapy techniques
  • Show you in Hypnotherapy how the Law Of Attraction principles actually work in a way that you can experience them at first hand
  • Give you the tools to use after the session so you can start using them immediatly to attract the life that you want
  • Check upon your progress a week later so that we can discuss the changes that already are starting to happen for you

Duration: Each session last for min 8 hours.