Level 2: Law of Attraction Love and Relationship Session

These sessions will help you to attract and keep the healthy and loving relationship that you want.

  • Destroy deeprooted blockages linked with relationships and love
  • Heal past hurts and let go of the past so you can open your heart again for love
  • Build your confidence and worthiness in attracting a new partner
  • Imprint the mindsets that will allow you to attract a new partner and keep him/her
  • Break the cycle of attracting unwanted partners so you can attract the partner you deserve
  • Identify exactly what partner you would like to attract and imprint that vision so you can attract that in your future
  • 45 minutes of law of attraction coaching where I will teach you the principles of attracting and keeping a loving relationship
  • Tools you can practice daily to attract a loving relationship
  • Tools you can practice daily so you can keep that loving relationship

Duration: Each session last for min 8 hours.

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You can select more than one date to book multiple sessions. In which case the cost of which will multiply (E.g. 3 Sessions = 3 x €450 = €1350)


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