Level 3: The six week immersive Law of Attraction Hypnosis Transformational Program

This program will make you a master in Law of Attraction. Your subconscious mind will be programmed for success and you will consciously know everything you ever need to know about Law of Attraction and will become a master at applying it.

  • Look in-depth to your personal life on all levels and go through a tailored plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  • 6 law of attraction coaching session so you can truly become a master in understanding the dynamics and practicing law of attraction with success
  • Build a habit of consistantly applying law of attraction tools and adjusting them to what works best for you
  • 6 tailored law of attraction hypnosis sessions where we will program your subconcious mind for success in all different areas in your life, so you can feel fulfilled in all areas
  • Create more wealth in your life and attract more stuff for free
  • Attract loving relationships and improve your current relationship
  • Removing deep, intense blockages to heal you from past experiences
  • Discover your life purpose and get answers on the things that are really important to you
  • Transform you into a happier, more positive person and learn practical steps to enjoy your life more
  • Build your confidence and self-love to a level you have never experienced before!

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