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My name is Christof Coopman and I am a Belgian Hypnotist who is passionate about Law of Attraction and Hypnosis.

The first time I heared about Law of Attraction was about 18 years ago . Later on from the age of 17 I started experimenting more with the concepts of Law of Attraction and noticed that most created in my life were due to the Law of Attraction( dancing career , rich social life, more wealth etc..)

Years after graduating as a social worker I became really facinated with the practice of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy .

I soon realised that I needed to combine my two passions in life ”Law of Attraction ” and ”Hypnosis” . Things really started opening up for me and since then abundance has increased in every area of my life .

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and member of The National guild of Hypnotists I have fast become renowed as a leading authority of Law of Attraction Hypnosis.

Who I Have Worked With

My career as a Law Of Attraction Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist took off fast and in the last year alone I have worked with TV presenters and business professionals and many others working in a wide range of professions.

Special Awards

In 2016 I was awarded recognition for special acheivement by The Hypnotherapy Business School for my Law Of Attraction Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy business.

My mission continues to enrich the lives of people by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.